Daily SG: 2 Apr 2014

Credit: Evacomics

Educate Our Youth

– guanyinmiao’s musings: Two Days In A Finnish Elementary School


– Bertha Henson: Here’s what we should give Baby SG50

Daily Disclosure

– The Financialist: Inside Singapore’s Success
– Top of the Word: Why is Construction a Never-Ending Story in Singapore?
– Singapore Business Review: 8 things you should know about the updated Singapore Employment Act

Little India Riot

– FreshGrads.sg: Mata Not Enough

Defending Our Lion City

– The Independent, Singapore: Death of NS man: Should Schizophrenics Serve in Army?

Uniquely Singapore

– Mothership.sg: 6 things they didn’t tell you about Singapore Day 2014

A Vote for Change

– TOC: Private hawker centres – Low Thia Khiang sounded warning
– TOC: Trust and the civil service, part 1 – clearing political boundaries

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