Daily SG: 3 Jun 2014

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The Heart Truths of Libel Suits

– TOC: Roy vs the PM: The end of an era?
– Sgpolitics.net: Blogger Roy Ngerng raises $70,000 in four days — Singaporeans stand with him
– Exploring SocioPolitical Economic Issues In Singapore and the World: Defamation Saga – Who is the “fisherman”?
– My Singapore News: Roy Ngerng – More than $70,000 raised in 4 days
– Small steps for Social PR: The Long Tail of $70,000
– New Nation: PM Lee contemplates dropping lawsuit to leave CPF blogger with $70,000 administrative headache


– The Independent, SG: CPF: Old policy, new fire
– The Heart Truths: Growing Our CPF: Time To Go Back To The Basics
– Singapore 2B: On CPF
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: CPF Life: What sucks/ Which is closest to Minimum Sum scheme

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Bertha Harian: What’s going on in the NWC?
– Signs of Struggle: How raising wages could help raise productivity

Singaporeans are NOT Xenophobic

– After The Rain: Racism And Xenophobia In Singapore

Daily Disclosure

– Loh and Behold: Speak English Movement Communicating Wrong Message?

A Vote for Change

– Yours Truly Singapore: Issue is why PAP insist on changed position when there was none
– 2econdsight: Consultation Precedes Constructive Politics

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