Daily SG: 4 Jun 2014

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The Heart Truths of Libel Suits

– Asian Correspondent: Blogger crowdfunds over $60,000 to meet Singapore Prime Minister in court
– TOC: Making a mockery of the Prime Minister
– A Load of Fish: Roy Ngerng vs Lee Hsien Long: Defamation or David vs Goliath
– Insight of me: Why not drop defamation suits and have dialogues?
– Sgpolitics.net: Blogger Roy Ngerng raises $70,000 in four days — Singaporeans stand with him
– Blogging for Myself: Bloomberg on Roy’s fund raising
– Abdillah Zamzuri: A Good Political Public Relations Lesson in Roy Ngerng vs Singapore’s PM Lee Saga
– Musings From the Lion City: The Roy Ngerng Problem
– Marry Thai Girl Singapore: Roy Ngerng Managed to Raise $72,043.91
– Political Writings: Choices for the PM
– Unspun: The Blogger, the Crowd, and the Prime Minister
– Stupid Genius: Is Roy an hero?
– Five Stars and a Moon: How to raise S$70,000 like a boss


– Balding’s World: Between Apathy and Risk
– Just Speaking My Mind: More Questions on CPF
– Likedatosocanmeh: Multi-purpose CPF system is broken, needs urgent fixing
– My Singapore News: The biggest protest rally at Hong Lim

Daily Disclosure

– Bertha Harian: Keeping the “civil” in civil society
– Guanyinmiao’s Musings: Another Dose Of Scepticism
– The Anglo-Sinkie scribbles: City Harvest Church again…
– Think For Me, Singapore: The truth about E-cigarettes
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Swiss cost of living in S$ terms

Uniquely Singapore

– Ghetto Singapore: The Former Chong Cheng School

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