Daily SG: 11 Jul 2014

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Wear White + Red Dot = Pink Dot

– TOC: NLB debacle: It’s about freedom of expression, stupid
– The Blogfather: Three Books. The Book and Barbra Streisand
– Expat Bostonians: And Tango makes a banned book
– Sharan kaur(ner): NLB, and what does pro-family mean?
– #spuddings: Pulping penguins: the NLB and a space that used to be ours
– Insight of me: Concept of Family
– Chemical Generation Singapore: NLB Book Ban And Tangot for Three
– Wise Mental King: So… NLB decided to pulp And Tango Makes Three
– Dewdrop Notes 露语: Dirty Books
– Just my Observation: Extremism from theological misguidance/ misinterpretation should have ZERO acceptance in Singapore.
– Reflections of a disciple: Thinking about NLB’s case
– I on Singapore: Dear Straits Times, why did you report about a petition with 3000 signatures while ignoring another with 22,000?
– Defunct Creakings of a Cog: On the Removal of Books from the Public Libraries by NLB
– Singapore Notes: Book Burning The Next Step
– New Nation: NLB completes review of children’s collection, purges 99.99996% of books
– All Singapore Stuff: Singapore Armed Forces scraps buddy system with immediate effect
– Iron Bowl: Penguin Love (Banned)
– Seksi Matashutyrmouf : About that Vincent Wijeysingha allegation
– Sze Zeng: Galileo Affair: Faith versus Reason/Science?
– The Rambler: MINDEF holds Pride Day Celebration!!!


– The Heart Truths: 10 Things The PAP Government Finally Admits To Doing To Singaporeans’ CPF
– Just Speaking My Mind: CPF Medisave Money Is Not Your Money
– 2econdsight: A Voice for our asset-rich, cash-poor seniors…
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: How PM & Roy can resolve matters satisfactorily/ Roy’s defence: Work-in-progress
– [FB] Hri Kumar: Why I Do This – A Reflection on the CPF Forum
– Likedatosocanmeh: More nonsense from PAP MP Hri Kumar’s ‘damage control’ on Facebook

World Cup Fever

– Small steps for Social PR: National Council Of Problem Gambling (NCPG) Will Have The Last Laugh – Argentina Going To Win The World Cup
– Think For Me, Singapore: Keep The Habit. GAMBLE.
– Smithankyou: Andy’s Dad – NCPG World Cup Poster Boy.
– Mr. Brown: This school and fan gets a World Cup trophy from me
– Musings From the Lion City: Not So Fast

Daily Disclosure

– Poached Mag: Why failure IS an option
– Five Stars and a Moon: Aspirations and the Gen Y
– Blogging for Myself: Zaobao Chinese Parochialism
– Fresh Grads: The Solar Orchid: Beautiful Floating Hawker Centers in Singapore

A Vote for Change

– Living Investment: A Matter of Politics – Some thoughts
– My Singapore News: Respecting Parliament and the trust of the people

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