Daily SG: 15 Jul 2014

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Wear White + Red Dot = Pink Dot

– The Independent, SG: Larger point about NLB’s book ban
– Mothership: Police, NLB helped facilitate Let’s Read Together event that attracted 450 people
– [FB] Aun Koh: I will read dangerous books to my son
– [FB] Shawne Wang: On Defending The Indefensible
– [FB] Alfian Sa’at: “Earlier this year, controversy erupted…”
– Alvin Pang . Abroad: Public libraries: Let us decide what to read.
– Cloudywindz: Censorship is bad. Discrimination is bad. Penguins are innocent.
– Medium.com: You Level Up
– Five Stars and a Moon: NLB: Fine, I have no stand. Do I really need one for everything?
– Freedom to think: Political penguins, public resources and choosing a side
– Rictusempraa!: NLB’s action is pro-homosexual (in the long-term)
– Dewdrop Notes 露语: Core Values & Role Models
– Lime Sorbet: Choose Your Own Adventure: NLB Book Pulping
– Faerieimps: ‘And Tango Makes Three’
– Fiat Lux: The NLB & Much Ado about Penguins
– Alvinology: Gay Penguins – Not Such a Black and White Story
– The Heart Of The Matter: The NLB book saga and Teo Kai Loon
– Offspring: Library debacle
– Dim Sum Dolly: Just Text
– A Load of Fish: Writers’ boycott of event a good example for students
– Pianomania: On the National Library Board Censoring, Withdrawing and Pulping Books Which it Considers Objectionable
– Jess C Scott: NLB: Censorhip and Intellectual Freedom
– Saiful Saleem: Arguments over Sand on a Pebble: Reflections on Pink Dot in Singapore, the “Gay Lifestyle” and the Interpretation of Religious Texts
– Poskod: On Attending Pink Dot 2014
– Christianhub: My Response to a Christian who supported Pink Dot 2014
– I on Singapore: Public Libraries, Families, Parental rights and Public Discourse: Four issues in the National Library Board controversy
– Change Maestro: Change that Faulty Moral Compass for One that Works
– Nocturne Noctalis: A Letter to Sir Apostle Lawrence Khong

Educate Our Youth

– Guanyinmiao’s Musings: Roots? What Roots?

Alternative History

– Unravelling 1987: Brother of Lim Chin Siong publishes his memoir

World Cup Fever

– Everything Also Complain: World Cup Public Holiday hoax reported to Police
– Loh and Behold: It’s Finally Over, Phew!
– Seksi Matashutyrmouf : Did I like the outcome of the World Cup?

Daily Disclosure

– TOC: Have you seen our professors?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Sentosa Cove: His god deserts Kong Hee?
– My Little Corner: Problem statement is simple. Why is policy complicated?
– Yours Truly Singapore: Rebutting Mahbubani’s $5 meals, $500 holidays and $50k homes for SG50

Uniquely Singapore

– Pok Pok and Away!: The “National” Series | Looking Back
– Ghetto Singapore: Archipelago Brewery Company

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