Daily SG: 31 Jul 2014

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– Five Stars and a Moon: Mandatory Savings and Mandatory Taxes
– Living Investment: CPF Life – Standard or Basic Plan?
– The IFA on duty: CPF private pension plans – sure way to lose money
– Singapore Notes: Hard Of Hearing
– The Heart Truths: Singaporeans Have Only $55,000 in Our CPF, Can Only Take Out $400!
– Likedatosocanmeh: CPF questions and their ‘factual’ answers

Wear White + Red = Pink Dot

– One Writer’s World: Intolerance – YOU Might Be The Next Target
– S M Ong: Damned if you ban, damned if you don’t
– All Things Singapore: Of Marvel’s ‘balanced treatment of gay marriage’
– IamAmbulance: The Lust Stand – X-MEN NMP To Represent ‘Balanced Treatment’ Of Gay Marriage?

Singaporeans are NOT Xenophobic

– Mothership: Is the inability to relate to foreign-born athletes considered xenophobic?
– Public Opinion: Time to stop importing foreign-born athletes

Singapore Inc is happy, Singaporeans however…

– Yours Truly Singapore: Singapore far from being the best place to live in

We Need More Babies! (?)

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: A fertility gift for next yr’s baby packs


– Just my Observation: Property prices ought fall by up to 30% to match 2009 (pre-$$$ crisis) price levels.

Foreign Affairs

– The Indepenent, SG: Hilltop view of Gaza carnage: Guilty or not?
– Musings From the Lion City: Israel’s Own Goal
– My Singapore News: Gaza Massacre – All quiet on the Western Front

Daily Disclosure

– Singapolitics: Philip Jeyaretnam: SG50 party with no cynics? No way
– TOC: Alumni barred from school for being “politically active”?
– Catherine Lim: Something (Fun) to Share
– Just Speaking My Mind: Pioneer Generation Package

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