Daily SG: 24 Sep 2014

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To Singapore, Without the Love from MDA

– TOC: Counterproductive to ban public screening of “To Singapore, With Love”
– Rayner’s Thoughts: The elitism of “private screenings” and “academic freedom”
– Unravelling 1987: Will the real exiles please stand up?
– [FB] Karen Chua: Open Letter to Ho Juan Thai

Transport Woes

– Life of a simple boy: Why we so deserve the government we have…
– Smallwheelsbigsmile: E Scooter issue in Singapore

Belabouring Labour Issues

– The Independent, SG: Singapore is not Immune from Potential Unemployment Hardships
– Blogging for Myself: K Shanmugam: Competition from robots
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: “Wages will not rise until employers have to compete for talent”

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Five Stars and a Moon: Outside The Margins: Chinese Privilege in Singapore

Daily Disclosure

– Medium: NUS Student Union’s Finances: A Twisted Form of Transparency
– Guanyinmiao’s Musings: The Reality For Social Enterprises
– Singapore Notes: Slow Mail Costs More
– Fresh Grads: Yang Yin Presents Opportunity For PA To Improve
– Bertha Harian: Selling travel to ISIS

Uniquely Singapore

– Singapore through my eyes: Visit to Masjid Sultan
– Joyloh.com: Mount Faber – Forgotten Reservoir
– Ghetto Singapore: Lavender Food Square Serve Notice
– Thought Moments: Memories of Delta East School, Singapore

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