Daily SG: 2 Oct 2014

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‘Heckling’ YMCA

– TOC: Missing: The authoritative voice of NParks
– Musings, thoughts, life.: Singapore’s dissidents…too self-righteous?
– Rayner’s Thoughts: Protest movements and generational politics
– In Singapore: Jaclyn Teo vs Cheongsam lady, and all
– My Singapore News: Singapore is the safest place on planet Earth
– [FB] Jeremy Chen: On the Position Taken by Chee Soon Juan on the Recent HLP Fracas and the SDP Value of Responsibility
– [FB] Alfian Sa’at: “So NParks tried to issue a clarification…”
– Mothership: Should Han Hui Hui be subjected to cyber-bullying just because we disagree with her?
– I Am Ambulance: CPF – Roy Ngerng Also Heckled Obese Children For Being Fat: Probably Wrong About #ReturnOurCPF

Occupy Hong Kong

– Sgpolitics.net: Human rights activists should support Hong Kong protesters
– Singapore in General: No Objective Reporting on Protests in HK – Occupy Central
– Andyxianwong: Democracy. Can Singapore take the next step?
– Blogging for Myself: HK Protests: The government and Beijing rational response
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Hong Kong from Another Lens

We Need More Babies! (?)

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Real reason govt de-emphasising degrees?

Daily Disclosure

– Singapore Notes: Significant Damage To Readers’ Trust
– #Alpha Male Syndrome: Letter from a friend
– Musings From the Lion City: He’s An Eurasian!

Uniquely Singapore

– Ghetto Singapore: Bucket Swap of the Spiral Staircases
– Joyloh.com: Gali Batu/Mandai – Defunct Granite Quarry

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