Daily SG: 20 Oct 2014

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Defending Our Lion City

– I wish clouds were edible.: I volunteered.
– Senang Diri: Islamic State versus SAF Volunteer Corps: Five reasons why IS has a more effective volunteer programme

Educate Our Youth

– Expat Bostonians: Her mother tongue isn’t Tamil
– The Rambler: What’s wrong with Singapore’s educators?
– My Political Pennies’ Worth: Is the government unfairly targeting Singlish?
– Homosexualityandscience: Knocking over Straw Man – NUS Scientists make unremarkable arguments

Daily Disclosure

– In Singapore: Proper way to solicit donation from public for the less fortunate
– Embracing your identity: Holidaying in Singapore (Part 2): The ugly side of economic prostitution
– Jeraldine Phneah: 5 Arguments Against The Ban On Pornography
– Singapore Notes: The Air Still Stinks

A Vote for Change

– Bertha Harian: The WP-NEA affair over a fair
– Five Stars and a Moon: Here’s why NEA is already a loser even if it wins
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: A delusion? PAP confident it regained lost ground

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