Daily SG: 3 Nov 2014

Credit: Daiyaku

Section 377A (What is Section 377A?)

– The Singapore Beacon: The Social Marker No: 377A
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Male gays here: On “permanent” parole
– Maohui: Homosexuality and Humanities
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: S377A upheld in Singapore, so what now for Singaporean gays?
– Lu Keehong Singapore: LGBT groups “shocked and disappointed” at Court of Appeal verdict
– Singapore Notes: Speak Softly And Carry Bricks

Heckling YMCA

– TOC: Parliament questions on CPF protest might be sub-judice: M Ravi
– Zhun Bo, Singapore?!: Most profitable topic to speak about in Singapore!
– Leong Sze Hian: Funny joke about Parliamentary Questions on Speakers Corner?

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Signs of Struggle: Here at Last: Wage Protection for Security Officers

Daily Disclosure

– Yahoo! SG: Online shaming in Singapore: Is it so daunting to intervene?
– Bertha Harian: Multi-coloured lenses
– Singapore 2B: Facts, Values, and Logic – why compromise is getting more impossible
– Yours Truly Singapore: Response to Dr Bala’s letter to WWF
– Blogging for Myself: MOM bad idea: Hiring PR experts
– Everything Also Complain: 4 year old boy’s death from Nasi Padang a misadventure
– In Singapore: Updated: 4-year-old’s death from eating tainted food a misadventure, says coroner

A Vote for Change

– Taming The Crowd: Workers’ Party will stand firm despite criticism
– Sgpolitics.net: Why opposition parties in Singapore shy away from civil activists
– Singapore General Elections 2016: Singapore GE 2016 – When is the latest date
– Embracing Your Identity: The Devil may care…
– My Singapore News: GE – Freak or no freak?

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