Daily SG: 13 Nov 2014

Credit: SGAG

Re-enacting the Little India Riot

– TOC: Khaw responds to criticisms: “Intent is to promote mutual understanding”
– Kirsten Han: Comment: Public disorder exercise in Singapore raises tough, uncomfortable questions
– Zhun Bo, Singapore?!: Apparently rioters must be racially balanced too
– A Load of Fish: Racist joint exercise?

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Today: Recognise superdiversity in S’pore to overcome stereotyping
– Benjamin Cheah: When Diversity Meets Policy

Sim Lim Scam

– My Singapore News: Talking Point – A new comedy TV serial

Heckling YMCA

– Mindspur: Roy’s Garden of Gethsemane

Daily Disclosure

– Taming The Crowd: Money money money.
– Just my Observation: Yang Yin: did IRAS endorse his PR papers too???!!!

A Vote for Change

– Bertha Harian: The hole is getting bigger
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: LKY: Why liddat PAP?

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