Daily SG: 17 Nov 2014

Credit: Nini and Polah Cartoon

Re-enacting the Little India Riot

– Yawning Bread: Khaw finds obedience school ‘meaningful’
– Evergreen Bamboo: Foreign Workers are Humans Too!
– Blogging for Myself: Example of good communication from Ms Henson
– New Nation: Local mega churches praise Khaw Boon Wan for reinforcing social importance of stereotypes

Scam Singapore

– Musings From the Lion City: In Defense of Sim Lim Square
– In Singapore: Vigilante & mob attack is a double edged sword
– My Singapore News: Mobile Air no more, Jover Chew no more
– Everything Also Complain: Hard-selling Beijing 101 not accredited by CASE

Shisha banned.

– The Singapore Beacon: Smokescreen And Red Herring
– A Brit in Singapore: The Shisha Ban

Daily Disclosure

– Arra’s World: No, SG Is Not Going To Shits: Another View of Raffles Place Stabbing
– Bertha Harian: Raffles Place People
– Jeraldine Phneah: 3 Counterarguments to Dumb Comments People Make About Islam
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: The Dark Side of vigilantism
– Desparatebeep: Where does Good Customer Service End and Where Does Abuse Begin?
– Chapalang Mag: This Too Shall End
– I on Singapore: Purple Parade 2014: Still a long way to go…

A Vote for Change

– A Singaporean at Home: Town Council debacle: That sinking feeling.
– Lemon Today: How to Cook EXCUSES? Sylvia Lim?
– Singapore General Elections 2016: SG Leaks: Town Council Act, Toothless by Design
– Singaporeans First: David Tan : Our Malay students are under-utilised and under-nurtured
– Singapore Alternatives: Who is GMS?
– 2econdsight: THINK AGAIN! Controlling The Narrative

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