Daily SG: 26 Nov 2014

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Heckling YMCA

– Five Stars and a Moon: Will the odds be ever in their favour?
– Anyhow Hantam: Han Hui Hui is Telling Lies AGAIN, Resorts to Plagiarism!
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Roy’s latest research finding?
– The Real Singapore: Han Hui Hui: I Don’t See a Need to Reply to the PAP IBs Anymore
– My Singapore News: Return Our CPF Rally – 29 Nov Sat at Hong Lim (4pm)

Educate Our Youth

– The Independent, SG: Is the PSLE Good for the Education System?
– The Gingerbread Mum: The Primary 1 Parent
– Mummy Wee: PSLE score – what’s it to you?
– Daring to Change: Leaders, future and the running education.
– Thoughts attic: If you feel you have failed: for the PSLE parents

Belabouring Labour Issues

– The Smart Local: Minimum Wage Disaster – Cheap Sourcing Risks Security Officers’ Pay

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Benjamin Cheah: A Brave New World of Neo-Tribes and Crumbling Civilisations

Defending Our Lion City

– Singapore Notes: Going To War

Daily Disclosure

– Singapore 2B: GUTS 1: Moving towards Singapore 2.0. Part 1 Singapore Today
– Blogging for Myself: Jover and his kind: Need laws against sociopaths
– Just my Observation: The true purpose of IDA is to help telcos make more $$$.
– [FB] Donald Low’s FC: Can the Singapore development story be copied elsewhere?

A Vote for Change

– Singapore General Elections 2016: Breaking News! Singapore Worker’s Party Set to Split
– Dollars and Sense: Did Singaporeans vote for diminishing growth in GE2011?

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