Daily SG: 8 Dec 2014

Credit: ConnexionSG

A Vote for Change

– Beyond The Emotive: A Deadly Serious Election
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Want to win big PM? Juz do the right things
– Bertha Harian: Party news!
– Taming The Crowd: Pro-PAP site Mothership.sg thinks Singaporeans are stupid.
– Jess C Scott: Book Review: Democratically Speaking
– Fresh Grads: An Open Letter to The WP
– Singapore General Elections 2016: Angry Aljunied Resident Confronts Chen Sao Mao

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– Article 14: Human Rights for Some Humans
– Wise Mental King: Experts who discriminate
– Kirsten Han: Homophobia and Human Rights Day – Who stands for human rights?
– Foreign Influence: Acts of Civil Society
– Unadulterated thinking: Finale : Defence of Prof Thio and counter offence
– The Independent, SG: LGBT Activists, stop your hooliganism!
– Singapore Notes: Intersex Wars

Countering the Terrorist Threat

– Blogging for Myself: ISIS sympathisers among Malaysian soldiers
– Yours Truly Singapore: Not necessarily treason

Little India Riot

– Singapolitics: Palaniyappan Sakthivel and Natarajan Muruganandam: We come here to earn money, not riot
– MaskedCrusader: Anniversary of the Little India Riot

Uniquely Singapore

– Ghetto Singapore: Selegie Arts Centre
– The Lion Raw: Old Singapore Badminton Hall

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