Daily SG: 27 Jan 2015

Credit: Mr Brown

Chatting with the PM

– TOC: Institutions “stage a show” when PM Lee visits, says grassroots leader

The Heart Truths of Libel Suits

– My Singapore News: When your friends are really your enemies
– Rethinking the Rice Bowl: On Roy, JBJ, Fines and Defamation
– Mothership: Facebook algorithm diagnoses CPF blogger Roy Ngerng with mental disorder

Daily Disclosure

– PublicOpinion: Singaporeans are a mollycoddled, pampered, mediocre, expensive, timid lot with a sense of entitlement?
– Dewdrop Notes: Addiction To Good Life
– Top of the Word: Why Mandarin in TAFEP Site? Why Not the Other Two Official Languages
– Lil Blue Bottle: Bilingualism – are we really made for it?
– I on Singapore: Sex and Gender: Are “male” and “female” objectively or subjectively defined?
– Singapore General Elections 2016: Demon-cratic Singapore Crosses the Line into Distasteful

A Vote for Change

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: PAP that incompetent meh? WP trying to match it?
– SG Hard Truth: Worker’s Party boasted its many years of town council management, did not notice the human errors, because they omitted to double count in their Apr 2013 S&CC report
– Singapore Notes: A Happy Mistake
– Reflections on SG: PM Lee’s Delusions About Opposition Parties
– 2econdsight: Political elite – Politically inept

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