Daily SG: 17 Apr 2015

Credit: Pok Pok and Away!

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– TR Emeritus: SMRT wants to enter into wireless telco services
– Zit Seng’s Blog: SMRT Gets Into Telco Business
– New Nation: OMGTel stays ahead of telco pack with innovative Microsoft Word logo

In Memory of Harry

– Inma: When breaking news destroys trust in the digital age
– Air-conditioned Nation: Lee Kuan Yew
– My Singapore News: Naming monuments after LKY
– Yours Truly Singapore: To The Economist – Lee Kuan Yew is not the founder of Singapore

Famous Amos

– Free Malaysia Today: The wannabe intellectual that is Amos Yee
– Must Share News: Amos Yee Wants To Be The Next Roy Ngerng
– Low Kay Hwa: Amos Yee is back with $70 and a plea for donation: 8 things you need to know
– [FB] Roy Ngerng Yi Ling: “I met with Amos Yee at a gathering last week…”

Kong Hee Doing The Ming Yi

– Musings From the Lion City: Is This Really Misuse of Funds?

A Vote for Change

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: There goes the Eurasian, Malay vote
– Anyhow Hantam: Kenneth Jeyaretnam – Internet Warrior Extraordinaire

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