Daily SG: 22 Apr 2015

Credit: Cartoon Press

Famous Amos

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Amos: Talk is cheap, very cheap/ Harry really needs no monument
– Desparatebeep: Fighting is OK provided the other guy doesn’t hit back
– Blogging for Myself: Don’t ignore Amos Yee
– Boston Experience: How will the Amos Case affect the Singapore brand?
– My Singapore News: Amos Yee: It is happening – The flutter of a butterfly
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: The Yees Strategy Caught Singapore (Authority) By Surprise?
– Low Kay Hwa: 5 plausible reasons why Amos Yee chose to eat a banana as he turned up in court
– TOC: “Police report” button to tackle offensive speech

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– I on Singapore: “Oh the Irony!”: The Thought Police strike again
– My So-Called Lesbian Life: Why IKEA Singapore disappointed me and let down the Singapore gay community.

Daily Disclosure

– Top of the Word: Singapore Swings into Next Phase of Smart Nation Mission
– Zhun Bo, Singapore?!: We’re running out of backyards, people!
– Bertha Harian: Just pandering to you
– Gintai_昇泰: Non-payment of taxi fare and a sympathetic taxi company

Uniquely Singapore

– Thought Moments: From Ashes to Market and Food Centre

A Vote for Change

– All Singapore Stuff: Suspected Opposition Mole Lionel De Souza Creating Havoc in PAP Hougang Branch?
– Singapore General Elections 2016: Singapore GE 2016 Prediction: The Battle for Aljunied GRC

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