Daily SG: 23 Apr 2015

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Famous Amos

– TOC: What exactly was Amos Yee’s crime?
– Andrew Loh: Amos Yee and the intolerance of the hysterical minority
– Public Opinion: Is Amos Yee a child?
– Singapore Notes: Lawyers On The Defensive
– Five Stars and a Moon: Free Amos Yee?
– [FB] Biddy Low: “I’ve been thinking alot. What is it about Amos Yee’s arrest…”

Foreigners in our Midst

– 2econdsight: Degree Mills and Fake Qualifications: The Cesspool of Meritocracy
– My Singapore News: What is the Singapore Brand? Integrity?
– Likedatosocanmeh: Population White Paper questionable, PAP not even keeping track of immigration policy
– Singapore Alternatives: The Collapse of Meritocracy and Integrity under PAP Rule

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– Bertha Harian: Bully – and risk being bullied

Educate Our Youth

– Wei Sze: How much will my child require for Tertiary Education?

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– Blogging for Myself: SMRT and LTA admitted they were clueless

Daily Disclosure

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Scholar Eng’s, Amos’s blind relation
– Unadulterated thinking: Sexual Revolution – fragmented families
– Guanyinmiao’s Musings: Broaden Conversation On Smoking Ban
– #Alpha Male Syndrome: Accept nothing. Disrupt everything.

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