Daily SG: 24 Apr 2015

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We Want Human LGBT Rights

– TOC: Magic shows, Ikea and the corporatisation of LGBT politics
– Robert Bivouac: Bertha Henson’s Illusions
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: The IKEA Singapore controversy: the business case
– Mothership: Three lessons both camps can learn from the IKEA Singapore saga
– New Nation: IKEA S’pore is the epitome of pro-diversity: They didn’t discriminate against gay-bashing homophobe
– [FB] Pat Law: “In the simplest of all forms, two wrongs do not make a right…”
– [FB] Bryan Choong: “For those who really do not think IKEA’s sponsorship is a big deal…”

Famous Amos

– TR Emeritus: Multiple police reports filed against Jason Tan
– Andrew Loh: Why did newspaper reject SKM’s statement on Amos Yee?
– The Singapore Beacon: Amos Yee has Crossed The Redline And He Must Be Dealt With
– RunEatGossip: The Sad Case of Famous Amos
– Singapore 2B: Over-Rated (On Freedom of Expression, Part 1)

Foreigners in our Midst

– Five Stars and a Moon: Fight the fake degrees!

In Memory of Harry

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: LKY & the fragility of everything
– My Singapore News: LKY’s legacies – The monuments to protect

Daily Disclosure

– Blogging for Myself: Women complain men don’t want to marry
– Alvinology: Can someone please CSI and identify this foreign worker?
– Xiaxue: I caused Grace Tan to have LOOSE STOOLS
– Working With Grace: Slaying The Dragon In Each Of Us

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