Daily SG: 29 May 2015

Credit: Cartoon Press

Countering the Terrorist Threat

– TOC: Releases and arrests under the ISA
– I on Singapore: Right and Wrong Religion: A reflection on the detention of two youths under ISA
– [FB] Calvin Cheng: “The self-radicalisation of the ISA-detained youth by ISIS propaganda is worrying”

Regulating Lee Kuan Yew

– Yawning Bread: Saint Lee
– East Asia Forum: Glimpses of Lee Kuan Yew

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– TOC: MDA’s ban on gay video only promotes ignorance
– The Yishus: Banned or not?

Famous Amos

– My Singapore News: Amos Yee – a most serious crime in Sin City


– Just my Observation: Like private insurers, Medishield-life should also give freebies and discounts to encourage citizens to keep fit….


– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: CPF: FT MP’s constructive, good suggestion

A Vote for Change

– Singapore General Elections 2016: MND loses to AHPETC but wins a Strategic Decision

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