Daily SG: 12 Jun 2015

Credit: Daiyaku

Tragedy on Mount Kinabalu

– TR Emeritus: Don’t politicise the Mt Kinabalu tragedy
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Sabah tragedy: The real truth
– RunEatGossip: The Sad Story of Mt Kinabalu – Part 2 The Challenges
– Haus of Yuene: Overweening Privilege At Its Finest: Emil Kaminski
– My Singapore News: Singapore’s superb education system firing blanks

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– TOC: Will PM Lee show up for Pink Dot this Saturday?
– Vulcan Post: “I’ve Never Hated My Body”: Trans Woman June Chua On Being Born This Way
– Shane Chen: Being A Gay Man In A Conservative Society
– Salt * Wet * Fish: When anti-gay rhetoric turns deadly

Daily Disclosure

– Anyhow Hantam: Han Hui Hui Mocks Mt Kinabalu Remembrance, Roy Blows $6k of Other People’s Money
– Six-Six: Ringgit drop has little impact on Singaporeans

A Vote for Change

– All Singapore Stuff: NSP’s Kevryn Lim is the Hottest Political Starlet in Singapore
– Reflections on SG: Opposition MPs — More Are Better

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