Daily SG: 15 Jun 2015

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We Want Human LGBT Rights

– TOC: Pink Dot packs Hong Lim Park once more
– Musings from Singapore: On S377A and gay rights in Singapore
– The Singapore Beacon: PinkDot 2015 – A View From A Totally Straight Man, Probably
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Pink Dot, Gay Rights, Social Attitudes & Mortality
– Barry’s Blog: FCBC Wear White
– My So-Called Lesbian Life: Is it morally okay that gay haters in Singapore attack children of same-sex couples?
– I on Singapore: True Freedom and True Love: A love note to the supporters of Pink Dot
– Defunct Creakings of a Cog: Ye (Somewhat) Comprehensive Guide to Marriage as a Social Institution (I): The Heterosexual Essence of the Order of Marriage
– All Singapore Stuff: Majority of Muslim Community Feels Distressed By Immoral Pink Dot Event
– New Nation: God: ‘I couldn’t smite Pink Dot with rain as one of those who prayed for foul weather had child out of wedlock’
– Mothership: Pastor Lawrence Khong: ‘We will wear white until the pink is gone’
– Rilek1Corner: Dear Muslim LGBTQ Brothers And Sisters…
– [FB] Alfian Sa’at: “It’s sometimes amusing to me to see the ways some religious people…”

Tragedy on Mount Kinabalu

– Popspoken: Kinabalu Trip was “Mood Booster” Before PSLE: TKPS Parent Volunteer
– Anonymous_X: of the 4 Mount Kinabalu nudists, mysterious hands & how the rest of 6 nudists were never ever heard from again…
– Singapore Alternatives: Why I CONTINUE TO WHACK MOE…

Famous Amos

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Fool them once, shame on Amos; fool them twice, shame on them
– The Ricebowl Singapore: Amos Yee :World’s Youngest Prisoner of Conscience to be recognised by Amnesty International
– S M Ong: Amos Yee ‘suicidal’ & ‘strapped to bed’ in prison: 4 shocking allegations by lawyer

Transport Woes

– TR Emeritus: GrabTaxi quietly disallows FTs from applying as drivers
– Everything Also Complain: Uber and Grabtaxi drivers requiring a vocational licence
– Budget Babe: The State of Taxis in Singapore

Educate Our Youth

– Growing your tree of prosperity: Sharon Au’s faux pas warrants a relook into SAP education.

Defending Our Lion City

– Senang Diri: Setting your sights on a new job: Career transitions for SAF Regulars
– Singapore National Service, Laws and Quirks: Revamp NS if Abolishment is Not Possible
– My Singapore News: Section Leader’s Course
– Blogging for Myself: IPPT is not your problem

Daily Disclosure

– TOC: PM Lee’s leave in the midst of SEA Games raises questions
– SCMP: Gag on alternative voices shows up Singapore’s insecurity
– Aiseyman: Aiseyman! Muslims should not make a big fuss over ice cream shop’s Ramadhan’s Special
– Bertha Harian: Feet planted firmly on the ground
– Signs of Struggle: Low key Middle Ground upper management
– A Singaporean In Australia: Tharman’s Trampoline

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