Daily SG: 16 Jun 2015

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We Want Human LGBT Rights

– Aiseyman: Kesian siol~ Gay Muslims are the most discriminated against in Singapore!
– Kirsten Han: Comment: The hypocrisy of the Wear White campaign
– Blogging for Myself: Khong the inane troublemaker
– Petulantchild: True Freedom and True Love?
– S M Ong: Post-Pink Dot: PM Lee wears pink in updated Facebook profile photo

Tragedy on Mount Kinabalu

– Fresh Grads: What Mount Kinabalu Has Taught Us About Humanity and Parenting

Famous Amos

– TOC: AGC insists TOC takes down article on letter from Amos Yee’s lawyer to Judge
– Singapore Notes: Special Treatment

Singapore Inc is happy, Singaporeans however…

– A Load of Fish: Using GDP to calculate Singapore’s average salary

Daily Disclosure

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: How did Roy make Ravi go bananas? Two versions
– Loh and Behold: Isn’t it Time to Demonize Booze?
– Everything Also Complain: Burning joss paper leading to lung cancer
– Five Stars and a Moon: 4 reasons why S’poreans no longer know or care about communism

Uniquely Singapore

– Remember Singapore: Remnants of Singapore’s Lost Roads – Kuala Loyang Road

A Vote for Change

– The Middle Ground: Are Singaporeans hostages of the PAP?
– [FB] Daniel PS Goh: Election Fever II: Everything also Elitism

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