Daily SG: 2 Jul 2015

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The Heart Truths of Libel Suits

– TOC: PM Lee to Roy Ngerng: “We are not here to play games”
– The Middle Ground: Damage done – but how much in dollars?
– Five Stars and a Moon: Say No to Childish Politics
– Likedatosocanmeh: ‘Servants can bankrupt citizens’ system must go

Famous Amos

– Anyhow Hantam: Only Mary Toh Can Save Amos Yee
– My Singapore News: Amos Yee – Heckling special needs children

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– I on Singapore: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Comments on Obergefell v. Hodges

Defending Our Lion City

– Tribolum: Our Boys, Our Fathers, Our Men
– Senang Diri: RSN Specialised Marine Craft (SMC): Faster than anything bigger, stealthier than anything faster

Daily Disclosure

– Aiseyman: Open letter to Lightart Studio
– The Middle Ground: Your Halal Diet is “Inconvenient”
– Everything Also Complain: Grassroots workers getting tickets for 50 BBQs
– Singapore Notes: Fair Dinkum, My Foot!
– ST Forum: Poor ticketing mars Aussie barbecue
– Blogging for Myself: Burnt Victim: Because she is one of our own

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