Daily SG: 9 Jul 2015

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Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– TOC: My dad apologised 100 times to commuters: daughter of SMRT staff
– Yahoo! SG: SMRT train breakdown: More kindness than a normal day
– PetuniaLee™: SMRT’s Magic Wand
– DKSG: Some thoughts on the SMRT disruptions
– A Load of Fish: Looks like there’s no COI for SMRT’s July 2015 disruption
– Just Speaking My Mind: SMRT CEO is Overpaid.
– Anonymous_X: The SMRT’s highest-paid CEO, Desmond Kuek and his prophetic remark: “…there is much more to be done to improve rail reliability.”
– My Little Corner: Result of withdrawing bus routes parallel to train routes
– Singapore Recalcitrant: From disaster to disaster at the SMRT
– The Yishus: Breakdown Bingo: Aftermath Edition
– Better Off Ted: 1MDB vs 1MRT
– Taming The Crowd: Worker’s Party Must Ask Relevant Questions in Parliament- SMRT Breakdown and Anniversary of London 7/7 Bombings
– Singapore Notes: Paid To Fail
– Singapore National Service, Laws and Quirks: How Supreme Leader can Create Utopia
– New Nation: Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew completes one ICT high-key cycle after he went to Ang Mo Kio MRT this morning
– Mothership: How the worst train breakdown in S’pore’s history turned into something magical

Famous Amos

– Blogging for Myself: Famous Amos, Pretend Amos
– Singapore Alternatives: Singapore is BIGGER than LKY & LHL
– Inconvenient Questions: Amos Yee: What the Hong Lim Park protesters had to say

The Heart Truths of Libel Suits

– Andyxianwong: Kenneth’s questions to PM Lee matter – here’s why

Daily Disclosure

– Say People Say Yourself: Was I the only one who felt something was missing at #JDOP2015?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: S’poreans are delusional?

A Vote for Change

– TOC: 2015 General Election predicted but political analysts divided on September election
– The Middle Ground: GE Tea Leaves: 10 Readings

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