Daily SG: 10 Jul 2015

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Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– The Middle Ground: Questions for SMRT/LTA
– Loh and Behold: Mr Lui Should Resign, and so Should the SMRT CEO
– Life of a simple boy: Concerned, very concerned.
– Yauming: SMRT and News Reporting
– My Singapore News: Don’t leave home without it (part 2) – Free Shuttle Service
– Toggle: Yesterday’s MRT Breakdown Was Kinda Fun
– Connexion: 8 comments about the MRT breakdown that caught our eye
– [FB] Respect Singapore: The latest SMRT meltdown is symptomatic of a deeper institutional defect in our system.

Famous Amos

– TOC: “When a human being suffers, we join in solidarity”
– TR Emeritus: Letter to UN: SG does not lack freedom of expression
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Amos: When Nemesis wet Hubris/ Why PAP PR bad
– Offbeat Perspectives: Perspective of a 17 year old Muslim girl towards Amos Yee Saga

Educate Our Youth

– Inconvenient Questions: Compulsory Community Service – fostering social consciousness or counterproductive?

Defending Our Lion City

– Senang Diri: Republic of Singapore Navy RSN Littoral Mission Vessel a game changer in warship design

Daily Disclosure

– Guanyinmiao’s Musings: Beyond Material Incentives To Raise Birth Rates
– Blogging for Myself: FW driver: Mr. Kulothungan

Uniquely Singapore

– The Lion Raw: Ji Xiang Confectionery (吉祥红龟粿) – The Nonya Way of the Ang Ku Kueh
– In My Own Words: Keep Dakota Crescent – a vital link to our past

A Vote for Change

– Singapore General Elections 2016: Singapore GE 2015 Joke: Property Prices in Aljunied GRC
– SG Hard Truth: Singaporeans Are Upset Over Workers Party Statement On MRT Breakdown

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