Daily SG: 30 Jul 2015

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A Vote for Change

– The Middle Ground: A social media election? Time to engage, not contain
– Singapore General Elections 2016: SG GE2015: Social Media Misinformation – Lan Jiao Whey #ljw
– Anyhow Hantam: The Importance of Having An Opposition
– Musings From the Lion City: The Myth Of Unity
– nofearSingapore: #butilovesingaporemore : why i press on
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Time for the Chiams to step back?
– Dewdrop Notes 露语: Your Hearts Must Be Pure
– Singapore 2B: Sept 2015?
– SG Hard Truth: Workers Party Walkabout – Netizen thought ST purposely smear WP with video clip
– My Singapore News: GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 8 – Voting for more subsidies?
– 2econdsight: It’s The Aristocrats, Stupid!
– The Heart Truths: GE2015: What Kind of Government Do You Want and How Do You Vote for It?
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: PAP Election Strategy and the Asian Thought Behind Voters
– A collection of thoughts: Should we give our support to PAP’s ‘new’ programmes now that elections are coming?
– Likedatosocanmeh: PAP in panic mode, loss of power inevitable
– Five Stars and a Moon: Of Hammer and Lightning: Vote-winning Strategies
– TOC: Maybe we do need in-fighting within the PAP
– Think For Me, Singapore: A Tale of Two Standards (the Singh/Ng version)
– Singapore Notes: Hiccups At The Starting Line
– Mothership: PAP may be sending a first-time candidate to compete in Fengshan SMC
– New Nation: GE2015 new format: Voters across S’pore to give rally speeches of what they want from next govt

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– ST Forum: Raise fares to improve train service
– TOC: “Raise fares to improve train service”
– Blogging for Myself: MRT: Grow old with me the best is yet to be


– IPS Commons: Singapore’s History: What we omit matters as much as what we immortalise

Daily Disclosure

– Project Flourishing Life: A Tale of Two Cities: Singapore vs Hong Kong

Uniquely Singapore

– iRememberSG: Sex and the Unique Lion City

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