Daily SG: 1 Sep 2015

Credit: A Good Citizen

A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– Inconvenient Questions: Party or the person?
– Akikonomu: Modelling the 2015 Singapore general election I
– Six-Six: Hasty Hustings
– Blogging for Myself: GE 2015: Getting that 5% to cross over
– Anyhow Hantam: Lesson for Singaporeans – Give Up Social Justice – Lose Economic Justice
– Air-Conditioned Nation: PAP Strategy
– Singapore 2B: PAP’s strategy for 2015
– The Singapore Beacon: PAP – More Of The Same
– Javert’s World: PAP saying the same things… again and again and again…
– Five Stars and a Moon: Hi PAP, why should we hire you?
– Bryan Huang: GE2015: An Aljunied GRC resident on life under The Workers’ Party
– Rise of The Strawberry Nation: Conversation with a Joo Chiat resident
– In My Words…: Great Entertainment (GE) 2015
– Alvinology: GE2015: Radin Mas – where the trolls gather
– Think For Me, Singapore: Vote this fool out! (VB edition)
– Working With Grace: GE2015: “Grace Tan Is An Opposition Supporter?”
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Perils of only reading TOC/ Will Ravi change mind again?
– Yauming: The role of the Opposition in Govt
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: Even PAP Vote Share reduces to 55%, the Oppositions could still hold 7 seats.
– Singapore Notes: Today Is Nomination Day
– New Nation: S’poreans look forward to voting in leaders to rule & ruin their lives for next 5 years

PAP vs AHPETC: Round 3

– The Middle Ground: That $3.5m debt AHPETC owes – true or not?
– TOC: Is the “controversial” AHPETC management fee really that controversial?
– Reflections on SG: Paying Friends Richly
– Singapore General Elections 2016: AHPETC: Observations from a Former Town Council GM
– SG Hard Truth: Accountant Questions Sylvia Lim And AHPETC’s Accounting Practice
– Singapore Life & Times: Can you stand for this?
– My Singapore News: Do not think Singaporeans are daft

A Vote for Change (Malaysia)

– The Unspun Blog: The talk about Chinese-Malay participation in Bersih 4
– Sze Zeng: Bersih 4 (29-30 August 2015)


– Iron Bowl: Is Healthcare Affordable for Seniors?

Daily Disclosure

– Lil Blue Bottle: 7 Letters

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