Daily SG: 3 Sep 2015

Credit: The Middle Ground

A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– Yahoo! SG: GE2015: PM Lee says ‘heart has to be right’ in politics, in first rally
– Mothership: 15 quotable quotes that stood out at the first Workers’ Party rally at Hougang
– Working With Grace: GE2015: My First Workers’ Party Rally
– Rise of The Strawberry Nation: Conversations with a rally goer
– Singapore Notes: Hail victory! Hail victory!
– New Nation: PAP: ‘Our rally increased by 50% more people, Workers’ Party rally shrunk by 5%’
– The Middle Ground: [TMG Exclusive] Tiger or mouse? How about the mouse that roared?
– Anyhow Hantam: The PM forgets that PAP MPs are Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Oppo slate that deserves to win/ PM rooting for them?
– New Nation: S’poreans react to PM Lee calling opposition a mouse in Parliament
– Jeraldine Phneah: Why PAP shouldn’t make personal attacks about opposition candidates
– TR Emeritus: Why a 2-party system ultimately benefits all Singaporeans
– L.A.M.: On Beauty Parades and General Elections
– P N Balji: Comment: Will this be a status-quo election?
– Offbeat Perspectives: GE2015 (Golden Years Edition): Stability vs. Change? – Part I
– Yahoo! SG: GE2015: What will become of Potong Pasir?
– Five Stars and a Moon: What Makes a Good Party?
– Dollars and Sense: Vote For Yourself, Not For Your Neighbour
– Singapore’s Dirty Politics: Fishy people in GE2015…
– The Singapore Beacon: Workers Party – Over-promising, Under-delivering
– Musings from Singapore: Workers’ Party’s Manifesto: What I like and What I don’t
– Blogging for Myself: YouTube Clip on Chee Soon Juan’s family
– Arra’s World: Chee Soon Juan v2.0
– Think For Me, Singapore: Singapore Inc – Why the reasoning is flawed.
– Javert’s World: Good and Bad of Nomination day 2015
– Musings From the Lion City: Boring Contest?
– Singapore 2B: Musings on the Impending GE – Conversations with a Friend
– Likedatosocanmeh: PAP conceals material information to prevent being booted out by Singaporeans
– Mr. Brown: You Had One Job: GE2015 edition


– TOC: WP comes out swinging, sets record straight on AHPETC
– Inconvenient Questions: Evolving the Leviathan
– Fresh Grads: Why AHPETC Matters To Me as a Voter
– Reflections on SG: The Irrelevance Of AHPETC In GE 2015
– Singapore General Elections 2016: The Story of FMSS: More than meets the eye
– Yoursfaithfullysg: AIM-ing to give you the facts

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