Daily SG: 4 Sep 2015

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A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– The Middle Ground: [TMG Exclusive] A really close look at the rallies, Day #2
– My Singapore News: Chee Soon Juan – They came to listen to him
– Rise of The Strawberry Nation: Observations at Jurong Stadium – Ice Cream Party
– Javert’s World: Day 1 of Rally. PAP nothing new to say….
– Singapore Lighthouse: PAP Election Low Turnout on First Day (2 Sept 2015)
– New Nation: Voters beg Sports Hub: Let Workers’ Party hold last GE2015 rally there as 200,000 expected to attend
– Banalysis: What will GE15 be won on?
– Akikonomu: Modelling the 2015 Singapore general elections II
– Marcellie: 5 things to consider for #GE2015
– Singapore Life & Times: A lion in the midst
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: PAP is so stupid: It fails to catch a mouse, now how to catch a tiger.
– Reflections on SG: Should MPs Be So Busy?
– L.A.M.: Why do Opposition Parties need to sell stuff to raise money but the PAP doesn’t?
– Offbeat Perspectives: Seeing the bigger picture behind the PAP’s “Suicide Squad”
– Anyhow Hantam: PAP’s Pasir Ris-Punggol Candidate Sun Xue Ling Should Be Disqualified
– Think For Me, Singapore: ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!
– Jentrified Citizen: 9/11 – Vote with your Conscience for men and women of integrity
– Blinkymummy: Son of Coffeeshop Runner v Daughter of Coffeeshop Owner
– Singapore General Elections 2016: Pro-Opposition Supporter: Why I will not vote for Bernard Chen!
– The Middle Ground: Being Dr Chee
– Singapore’s Dirty Politics: Chee & Chiam : Singapore Electoral History
– Aiseyman: Aiseyman! Is SDP’s Damanhuri Abas pro-LGBT or anti-LGBT?!
– Ravi Philemon: My Promise to the Voters of Hong Kah North SMC
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: The real Ravi Superhero
– The Heart Truths: Our Young Singaporeans Need to Have a Fair Chance at Success

Defending Our Lion City

– Senang Diri: Cut Singapore’s defence budget?

Daily Disclosure

– Loh and Behold: The Newspaper Delivery Joke

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