Daily SG: 8 Sep 2015

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A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– The Middle Ground: Charge and counter-charge in Holland-Bukit Timah
– TOC: Sim Ann takes personal swipes at Chee Soon Juan
– Blinkymummy: Holland-Bukit Timah: President’s Scholars v 二叔 (2nd Uncle)
– My Singapore News: Paul Tambyah – A PAP fall out
– Zhun Bo, Singapore?!: Paul Tambyah loves Tharman, and that’s perfectly logical.
– Air-Conditioned Nation: Candidates
– Inconvenient Questions: Opponents, not enemies
– Project Flourishing Life: Public figures and reading: Dr Chee Soon Juan, Ms Sim Ann and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew
– S M Ong: Is Ho Ching not-so-subtly campaigning for hubby’s party on Facebook?
– Jeraldine Phneah: Speaking up for Workers’ Party Lim Ee Ping
– Kirsten Han: Comment: Many candidates want to champion education issues. But what about bullying?
– TR Emeritus: Who will you vote for?
– Five Stars and a Moon: Vote for strong leadership
– Blogging for Myself: GE 2015: Vote PAP or Oppo?
– Budget Babe: General Election 2015: Why the Opposition Still Isn’t Good Enough For My Vote
– Singapore General Elections 2016: Workers’ Party GE 2015 Rally Promises ….
– Fresh Grads: Much Ado About Voting For The Opposition: 12 Ways to Sink the Titanic
– Reflections on SG: Reflections On PAP’s GE Statements
– Lukeyishandsome: Thoughts on Singapore’s GE2015
– Dewdrop Notes 露语: You Will Never Understand
– Javert’s World: PAP is running our of ideas for the GE campaign
– Likedatosocanmeh: PAP bankrupt of ideas, checks on government needed
– Just myself: Of Seasons and Elections
– Strawberriescontributions: Note from a resident(A Small Gesture)
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Cruise ship PAP: First class or cattle class?
– Singapore Life & Times: PAP Math wizardry: 1+1=3
– Alvinology: GE2015: What growing up in Chiam See Tong’s Potong Pasir taught me
– Just my Observation: How the GRC system of elections is a farce and promotes despotism and autocracy in Singapore.
– Singapore National Service, Laws and Quirks: Abolishment of NS as an Election Platform
– [FB] Pamela Lim: Do you want to pay more taxes?


– The Middle Ground: Thank your CCC (not your MP)
– L.A.M.: The Day The Father of Accounting Rolled in His Grave.
– Thetwophilo’s Blog: Is the PAP confused or are they trying to confuse the voters over the Punggol East Deficits?
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: The Singapore Auditing Standard Of AIM (and Olam) Is Beautiful But Not Enough.
– Singapore Notes: A Deficit Of Logic

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