Daily SG: 18 Sep 2015

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A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– IPS Commons: Ten reflections on GE2015
– The Diplomat: Why Do Outsiders Care About Singapore’s Elections?
– Six-six: The Noisemakers
– Seksi Matashutyrmouf: Questions raised by elections 2015
– Yawning Bread: Singapore Solidarity: Constitutional reform to pave way for a better democracy
– Singapore 2B: The state of the opposition after GE2015
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: WP faces early test: tiger or mouse?
– My Singapore News: Tharman – Theoretically will never become the PM
– Transitioning: Two reasons why PAP won so handsomely in the recent election
– Loh and Behold: Enthronement of the Bratty
– 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: The Pillar of PAP Integrity: Teo Chee Hean and Charles Chong
– Rise of the Strawberry Nation: GE 2015 Recap: ESM’s Antics Part 2 and ‘Is he a liability’?
– S M Ong: I’m confused: Who’s complaining about who complaining about who complaining?
– [FB] Inderjit Singh: “Many have reflected in the GE2015 outcome…”
– [FB] Jonathan Tay: “4 years ago while I was still a NUS sociology student…”

The Haze is back again.

– The Middle Ground: The cost of haze
– TOC: Debunk haze rumours but Gov’t should also address concerns
– Reflections on SG: Trumpeting The Distribution Of Masks
– Everything Also Complain: NEA making rain to wash off the haze just for F1
– Alvinology: MH370 coconut bomoh back to solve the haze issue

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