Daily SG: 21 Sep 2015

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A Vote for Change (Singapore)

– Mothership: Yeoh Lam Keong: Why the PAP landslide is NOT a clear-cut vote for authoritarianism
– TR Emeritus: Revealing Singapore’s political psyche
– Singapore 2B: The Politics of Singapore. (Or “what’s this I hear about the ‘New Normal’?”)
– Akikonomu: Modelling the 2015 general election: numbers, outcomes… and theory?
– Blogging for Myself: Chan Heng Chee: Swing voters will do the talking
– Everything Also Complain: Voting for the Opposition goes against human nature
– New Nation: S’poreans react to Lee Hsien Loong’s comment that opposition’s story line ‘went against human nature’
– TOC: How accurate is the GE sample vote count?
– Musings from Singapore: GE2015: Three questions from yesterday’s talk
– Yawning Bread: The survivors’ league: Singapore joins Gabon and Tanzania
– Kirsten Han: Why should Singapore’s Prime Minister be Chinese?
– CW Fong: Singapore General Election 2015: Did Social Media Make a Difference?
– Inspiration: Please Stop The War In Singapore!
– Five Stars and a Moon: So you want a “first world Parliament”?
– The New Era: From 69.9% to a history of setbacks
– Offbeat Perspectives: What prevents an equal level playing field with the PAP? (Part 1)
– Top of the Word: Singapore needs an Opposition that can stand up to Intellectual Might of PAP
– My Singapore News: The SDP team that could not have lost
– Anyhow Hantam: The Punggol East Fix – How the PAP Won it Back
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: WP’s Punngol East problem/ PAP’s excuse king
– The Social Commentator Singapore: Post GE 2015: How opposition parties were sabotage by their own supporters
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Should the “opposition” parties merge into a single party?
– Guanyinmiao’s Musings: #GE2015: Making The Most Of Political Talent
– Yours Truly Singapore: Suggestions for opposition movement 3
– Transitioning: Ten things you can do for yourself after the disastrous general election result
– Abdillah Zamzuri: Preparing for the next General Elections – Roles & Responsibilities
– Singapore Alternatives: End of Journey Start from Fresh
– The Ricebowl Singapore: Does PM Lee’s convincing win in AMK make it impossible for him to claim damages from Roy Ngerng, Reform Party candidate?
– Rise of the strawberry nation: DJ Hammer VS DJ Xiao Loong – Rally Strategies

The Haze is back again.

– Living Investment: Haze Subsidy Scheme – Shouldn’t this be open to all?


– Inve$tment Moat$: 6 Reasons not to Voluntary Top Up your CPF Special Account with cash or CPF Ordinary Account

Daily Disclosure

– Faerie Tales: Passersby
– Sze Zeng: Penang’s culling of stray dogs: Why the outrage?

Uniquely Singapore

– Studentry: F1 Singapore Grand Prix: A Race Through Time
– Remember Singapore: A Last Look at Pearls Centre and its Yangtze Theatre
– Joyloh.com: Temple of the Heavenly Jade Emperor

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