Daily SG: 8 Oct 2015

Credit: Daiyaku

Hep C Outbreak

– The Middle Ground: Not just a medical mystery
– Six-Six News: SGH Fiasco A Systemic Failure
– TOC: Why MOH, and not just SGH, is responsible for the HCV saga
– Zit Seng’s Blog: Multi-Dose Vials But A Scapegoat
– Life of Singaporeans: Did mass media suppress SGH Hepatitis infection news for PAP political expediency?
– Transitioning: Four tragic Hep C-related death at SGH – a sign of over-population?
– Rise of the strawberry nation: All eyes on hepatitis C outbreak

The Haze is back again.

– Musings From the Lion City: (Almost) Clear Skies!
– My Singapore News: Make this the last haze with more haste
– Blogging for Myself: Cold Storage not removing APP products?

Educate Our Youth

– Mr. Brown: How much do eight $1 coins weigh?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Three cheers for MoE for this googly


– Singapore 2B: How CPF invests your money.
– Investment Stab: Fine Print of CPF Money Withdrawal

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Inconvenient Questions: Multicultural Singapore, quo vadis?
– Rilek1Corner: Chan Heng Chee Is Wrong – CMIO Categorisation Is Only PAP’s Tool To Subjugate And Discriminate Against The Minorities
– Word of Mouth: We are Singapore, but who are ‘We’?
– All Singapore Stuff: We Should Learn To See Ourselves As S’poreans First, Race Should Not Matter

A Vote for Change

– Fresh Grads: Co-creating & Cooperation in a Spirit of Unity
– Yahoo! SG: Where might Singapore’s political leaders come from? (Part 2: Future leaders)
– Akikonomu: Singapore’s popcorn democracy
– Singapore Alternatives: Press Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

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