Daily SG: 22 Oct 2015

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Church Leaders Get Rich or Die Tryin

– Mothership.sg: City Harvest verdict: What City News highlighted vs What the mainstream media reported
– Blogging For Myself: Long Live City Harvest Church?
– Redwire Times: Ownself Buy Ownself: Sun Ho Make it in America? You Must be Kidding, says Judge!
– My Singapore News: City Harvest – 6 top leaders, including Pastor Kong Hee found guilty
– Musings from the Lion City: The Verdict Is In
– New Nation: Sun Ho to revive Crossover Project with remake of China Wine, new song to be called China Beer
– PlastyTalk: Did City Harvest’s Sun Ho undergo plastic surgery?
– A Singaporean Says: Reprise: Tears in Heaven

Population Woes

– Growing your tree of prosperity: Cost of having a child is way overblown!
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: On the issue of rising childlessness in Singapore

The Haze is Back Again

– The Middle Ground: MOE reviews school haze management following petition
– Reflections on SG: A Walk In The Haze
– Five Stars and a Moon: Photographs from Kalimantan to make your PSI problems seem small

Transport Woes

– Likedatosocanmeh: Motherhood statements will not resolve transport issues

Daily Disclosure

– Money Smart: 4 Ways Singaporeans Can Make Their Work Day More Enjoyable
– Otterman Speaks: How much food do we waste daily in Singapore? More than we weigh!
– TWC2: Who cares about the overtime rule? And other discoveries

Hep C Outbreak

– The Middle Ground: Closing in on answers about the Hep-C outbreak
– SDP: SDP calls for release of emails regarding Hep C outbreak

Uniquely Singapore

– Aspirant SG: Top Cafes in West Coast & Telok Blangah, Western Singapore
– The Wacky Duo: 12 activities for the SINGAPORE HAZE season
– Daniel Food Diary: 10 Best Churros In Singapore – More Churros Which Could Be ‘Better Than Your Boyfriends’

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