Daily SG: 27 Oct 2015

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Defending Our Lion City

– SMITHANKYOU.COM: 4 Reasons Why I love my No.4

Animal Cruelty

– Mothership.sg: Bird photographers in S’pore stuffed Styrofoam bits into live fish to bait endangered Grey-headed Fish Eagles
– The Yishus: Is it that difficult to keep our cool in cases of animal abuse?
– RunEatGossip: Those Despicable “Nature” Photographers

Church Leaders Get Rich or Die Tryin

– Singapore Policy Journal: Should the finances of religious organisations be more strictly regulated?
– C3 Church Watch: Love not rejoicing in wrongdoing but in the truth: Roland Poon ‘vindicated’
– Ian Tan: Why do you do what you do?

The Haze Is Back Again

– Mapped Musings: The Transboundary Haze Pollution Act: What It Can and Cannot Do.

Foreigners in our Midst

– Redwire Times: Miss “Kachin” World Singapore Just Gave PM Lee a New Citizen Slap in the Face

Transport Woes

– Ministry of Transport Blog: Catching rats
– My Singapore News: The most frightening thing happened yesterday morning
– Petunia Lee: Rail Engineers are NOT Street Smart Enough?
– Likedatosocanmeh: Singapore’s rail system will improve when government stops appointing unqualified CEOs

Daily Disclosure

– Five Stars and a Moon: Tripartism: The secret sauce behind Singapore’s success
– TechinAsia: I slammed this milk company on social media. Here’s how the CEO responded.
– Dollars and Sense: The True Cost Of A Wedding In Singapore
– Money Smart: 3 Reasons Women in Singapore Need to Work Harder to Save For Retirement Than Men
– Jeraldine Phneah: 5 Annoying Situations I Faced When Job Hunting in Singapore

Hep C Outbreak

– Yahoo! SG: COMMENT: That letter from the MOH to the Straits Times
– Goh Meng Seng: SGH and MOH Should Take Full Responsibility and Do the Right Things

A Vote for Change

– TR Emeritus: GE1997 and GE2015 – Has history repeated?

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