Daily SG: 16 Nov 2015

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Paris Attacked

– The Middle Ground: The evil that men do should not live after them
– Mothership.sg: Here are some considered responses to the Paris attacks that put everything into perspective
– Vulcan Post: Singaporean Muslim’s Facebook Post On Paris Attacks Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons
– Beyond The Emotive: An Act of War
– The Online Citizen: Sombre reminder in wake of the devastating Paris attacks
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: After the Paris attacks, what next?
– My Singapore News: Of civilized and uncivilized wars
– Blogging For Myself: ISIS attacked Paris: Their strategy
– New Nation: S’poreans endevour never to let terrorist acts affect their lives as thousands throng Orchard Road, cafes
– Beyond the Hijab: On The “Deflection” of Suffering

Singapore After Lee Kuan Yew

– Five Stars and a Moon: Coming out top

Regardless of Race, Language, Or Religion

– Six-Six.com: Countering The Forces Of Hate And Division

Daily Disclosure

– tzlee.com: COE trend and illogical used car prices
– Studentry.sg: The Secret Behind NUS Confession Pages

A Vote For Change

– A collection of thoughts: “Doers vs. Checkers” – a completely bullshit term
– The Online Citizen: Chee Soon Juan completes marathon walk around Singapore
– My Singapore News: The most significant cabinet change
– YOURSFAITHFULLYSG: GPCs – Ownself check Ownself

Uniquely Singapore

– irememberSG: The Four HDB Blocks of Siglap
– The Smart Local: 30 Unconventional Experiences In Singapore Even Locals Don’t Know About

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