Daily SG: 3 Dec 2015

Credit: All Singapore Stuff

SG50 In Hindsight

– The Middle Ground: SGfuture dialogues: Let them not be same old, same old…
– Alvinology.com: Time Person of the Year 2015 (Singapore Edition)

Singaporeans Are Too Results Oriented?

– The Middle Ground: Kiasu parents are un-doing schools’ focus on real learning

Foreign Affairs

– Senang Diri: China-US tift over the South China Sea will demand deft diplomacy from Singapore
– My Singapore News: The most important development in Asia

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Bhavan Jaipragas: Ethnic Integration Policy
– Balderdash: Singaporean Chinese – less Racist than Singaporean Malays, Indians and Eurasians

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– S M Ong: Countdown petition showdown: Why I’m terrified of Adam Lambert fans

Daily Disclosure

– lukeyishandsome(dot)com: Daily Thought: When all you need is a listening ear

Vote For Change

– Women’s Action: Politics
– TR Emeritus: PAP’s liberal immigration policy betrays the trust Singaporeans place in them
– The Online Citizen: TOC Editorial: Political changes should strengthen our democracy
– likedatosocanmeh: PAP’s private sector is not the real private sector

Uniquely Singapore

– The Smart Local: 43 Peculiar Things You’ll See In Your Lifetime Only In Singapore
– smallwheelsbigsmile: Location makers in Singapore. 5 mile markers. What does it mean?
– Daniel Food Diary: 12 Must Go Cafes & Food Places Along The New Downtown Line 2 MRT

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