Daily SG: 30 Dec 2015

Credit: SGAG

SG50 In Review

– SGAG: 5 memorable moments in 2015 that warmed the hearts of all Singaporeans
– Vulcan Post: Best Viral Memes of 2015 That Made Us LOL
– The Middle Ground: Year in review: Rogues Gallery 2015
– TR Emeritus: The unthinking Singapore flock
– Studentry.sg: The 5 Biggest Stories of 2015: How NUS Played a Part In History

Church Leaders Get Rich Or Die Tryin’

– Six-Six.com: Reaping The Harvest

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Balderdash: Malay Racism in Singapore

Daily Disclosure

– Elsa Ho: Singapore and Denmark: Contrasting happiness — Can sunshine and low income tax make you happy?
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Scotland vs Singapore: compare & contrast
– Money Smart Blog: The 3 Biggest Lifestyle Changes Singaporeans Need to Make If They Want to Save More Money

Uniquely Singapore

– Mothership.sg: 15 places along the new Downtown Line 2 to eat & visit because we’ve helpfully put them into a list
– SG Food on Foot: What To Eat Along DT Line

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