Daily SG: 15 Jan 2016

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Jakarta Attacked

– The Independent UK: Jakarta attacks: Indonesians defy terror with powerful message on social media – ‘we are not afraid’
– Mothership.sg: Photo of satay seller resuming business 2 hours after Jakarta blasts sums up Indonesians’ stoicism, defiance
– Helen Ang : Why did they pick Starbucks?

Singapore’s Vices

– The Middle Ground: Being a teacher who is outed

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– The Independent: Stop Madonna concert! PM Lee should intervene – FCBC Pastor Lina Khong supports
– Balderdash: Homophilic Intolerance in Singapore


– SGnow: Is this what Singapore will look like in the future?

It’s the economy, stupid

– Business Times: Harder now to retool Singapore economy
– Yahoo! SG: Where is the next big thing for Singapore’s economy?

Daily Disclosure

– SG Budget Babe: Your Guide To Healthcare Insurance in Singapore
– Alvinology: How to life hack your spring cleaning for the new year

A Vote For Change

– Six-Six.com: What You Can Expect From WP And PAP At The Opening Of Parliament
– The Middle Ground: Five new faces and their first 100 days
– Singapore General Election 2021: AHPETC High Court Appeal – Pritam Incompetent or Dishonest?

Uniquely Singapore

– SETHLUI.COM: 11 Dan-talizingly Good Egg Tarts 蛋挞 in Singapore

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