Daily SG: 20 Jan 2016

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Singapore Perspectives 2016

– The Middle Ground: Singapore Perspectives 2016 in depth: Who are “we”?

Educate Our Youth

– Redwire Times: Time that Schools Stopped Treating Kids Like Sports Pawns and Focus on Their Educational Needs
– The Rambler: When everything a Singaporean says is always deemed to be wrong.

Foreign Affairs

– Quora: Which aspect of Singapore’s behavior regularly leads to criticisms by regional countries of being arrogant?


– Ray of Light: My views, my concerns: Implement eldercare leave for workers to support elderly relatives in homes/hospitals

Foreigners In Our Midst

– My Singapore News: No one owes you a living

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– Singapore 2B: Singapore Perspective 2016 – First reactions

Daily Disclosure

– TripZilla Magazine: Singaporean Couple Quits Job, Travels the World & Comes Back with Amazing Sketches
– Loh and Behold: Soon to be Banned
– Studentry.sg: Here’s the Timetable that Matters
– Money Smart Blog: Accidentally Left Your Lights On? Here’s How Much Electricity Will Cost Singaporeans in 2016
– New Nation: S’pore diners urged not to leave tissue packets unattended as they pose as bomb threats

A Vote For Change

– The Middle Ground: Elected Presidency: Sacred cow or sacrificial lamb?
– Mothership.sg: Does WP have a case for Daniel Goh to take the NCMP seat?
– Five Stars and a Moon: Imagine Singapore without the PAP and its policies
– Goh Meng Seng: NCMP Saga — The Backdoor Monkey Tussle
– The Online Citizen: NCMPs with only 15% of MP salary, has more to lose than to gain

Uniquely Singapore

– SETHLUI.COM: 10 Cheap & Good Thai Restaurants in Singapore Under $20 Per Pax
– Goody Feed: 21 stupidest things every Singaporean kid said during Primary School
– Ghetto Singapore: NJC: College of the Nation

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