Daily SG: 5 Feb 2016

Credit: SGAG

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– The Middle Ground: NOT a president based on race please
– Rise of the Strawberry Nation: The Malay Voice

Chinese New Year 2016

– Mothership.sg: Things to say and do to appease the super pantang elders this CNY

Foreigners In Our Midst

– Working With Grace: What Can We Do To Stop Foreign Worker And Helper Abuse?

Foreign Affairs

– Senang Diri: Malaysian airpower set to demonstrate technological edge at Singapore Airshow 2016

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Five Stars and a Moon: Job vacancies declining…and it’s gonna get tough

Daily Disclosure

– Money Smart Blog: Best Air Miles Credit Cards 2016
– The Smart Local: 10 Ways Singapore Employers Take Advantage of You And How To Make Them STAHP
– New Nation: S’pore chefs: ‘We try not to spit into food bloggers’ food too regularly’
– SG Budget Babe: Using Uber? Beware of This “Uber” Scam

A Vote For Change

– My Singapore News: Why so much deference to the PAP?

Singapore’s Vices

– FZN: My Views on SPF & SCDF
– New Mandala: Living in sin in Singapore?
– The Online Citizen: AWARE statement on the rights of minors in criminal investigations

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