Daily SG: 15 Feb 2016

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Rebecca Lim, NTUC & How not to do Social Media Marketing

– S M Ong: By ‘retiring’, Rebecca Lim shows us how not to promote retirement planning
– DKSG: Another marketing stunt gone wrong

It’s the economy, stupid

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Perspective on S’poreans’ Debt, Leverage
– AspirantSG: Lessons from the Barclays Retrenchment: Your Mindset is the Real Game-Changer.
– Five Stars and a Moon: It’s not just the banking sector that is slowing down…the oil & gas sector too…

Feeling Poor in Prosperous Singapore

– Piji Tailai: Optimal Inequality, Ideal Poverty Level and the Poverty Simulation Exercise
– IFA.sg: Singapore property cost 5 times of median household income. How to cope?

Preserving Singapore’s Natural Heritage

– Everything Also Complain: Cross Island MRT line cutting under MacRitchie forest

Singapore’s Vices

– I on Singapore: Rise in Online Sex or Love Scams: The cry for human affection in a technocratic age
– Under The Angsana Tree: What to do when you think your identity has been stolen?

Educate Our Young

– The Middle Ground: What top schools say (or don’t say) about themselves

Foreigners In Our Midst

– The Online Citizen: How many jobs do FT billionaires create for Singaporeans?

We Want Free Speech!

– Offbeat Perspectives: If schools are supposed to be non-partisan, why the f*** is our mainstream media not?

Daily Disclosure

– Anonymous X: The Sad Truth of the Medishield Life’s “Love of a Lifetime”
– The Wacky Duo: Every day is Valentine’s Day
– The Asian Parent: “The entire floor can hear your infant”: A case for the need for more tolerance?
– Money Smart Blog: 5 Tips for Surviving Your Job at Raffles Place
– SG Budget Babe: 5 Important Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Your Next Big Step

A Vote For Change

– The Middle Ground: OB marker for SDP
– Samantha De Silva: SDP: Simisai Also School Talks
– Yahoo! SG: Signs point to tax on sugar
– Yours Truly Singapore: Neutral, good, integrity
– My Singapore News: The Singapore formula of the highest science

Uniquely Singapore

– The Dead Cockroach: River Hong Bao 2016
– Singapore through my eyes: River Hongbao 2016
– WILD shores of singapore: East Coast Park is alive
– The Lion Raw: The Curious Case of the Black and Whites at Woodleigh Park

Alternative History

– The Independent SG: Singapore story cannot masquerade as history of Singapore: Dr Poh Soo Kai
– TR Emeritus: A shinking middle-class and an unthinking flock?

Either/Or: Civil Society Activism/Politics

– Jeannette Chong Aruldoss: S$6,063 – the price of justice for Jolovan Wham

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