Daily SG: 10 Mar 2016

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Fallen Singaporean Sons

– TOC: NS officer shares his opinion on the Dominique Sarron Lee saga
– Five Stars and a Moon: Should you be able to sue the SAF in civil court?
– Crazyrandomchatter: Answering these questions in Pte Dominique’s case would be useful…
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Attend C after taking anti-malaria tablets

Alternative Media

– The Middle Ground: TRS kena Part 3
– The Ricebowl Singapore: How NOT to get charged with Sedition or Singapore is a Cash Cow which only the government can milk

Daily Disclosure

– The Singapore Beacon: Who Or What Is Louis Ng Representing?
– Alex Lew: The Giffgaff effect in Singapore for mobile plans
– Fresh Grads: What is National Identity?

A Vote for Change

– Singapore Alternatives: Inconsistency of PAP: Chicken, Pork and Fukushima Food Imports

Uniquely Singapore

– Contented: Paradise Lost, Memories Rekindled
– Joyloh.com: Johore Battery – Monster Gun @ Changi
– Ghetto Singapore: NAFA: Pioneering Arts Education
– Rise of the Strawberry Nation: 午餐肉

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