Daily SG: 15 Mar 2016


Indiscretions @ Bukit Batok

– yawning bread: White is a superior colour, all the rest is dirt
– crazyrandomchatter: PAP – swift and decisive… Really?
– Five Stars and a Moon: Tissue Paper Politics
– Alvinology: Infidelity and the PAP: Why I have no sympathy for David Ong

The Heart Truths Of Libel Suits

– The Heart Truths: Update on Defamation Suit with Singapore Prime Minister – Payment
– Five Stars and a Moon: You guys, Roy Ngerng is looking for donations…
– New Nation: Blogger to repay $150,000 in damages in monthly payouts of $50, after PM Lee turns 65

Fallen Singaporean Sons

– Transitioning.org: Memorial tribute to Benjamin and Dominique on 13 March 2016 at Hong Lim Park

We Want Free Speech!

– The Online Citizen: RSF calls for the end of harassment to The Online Citizen

Daily Disclosure

– guanyinmiao’s musings: Fear Will Not Deter Litterbugs
– Yahoo News: Suicide risk assessment not for every student interviewed by police in school
– The Middle Ground: Casting a smokescreen on cigarette sales
– The Online Citizen: HeritageCares to offer heritage programmes for Community Chest beneficiaries
– Vulcan Post:Joe Nguyen Took Me For A Ryde In His Tesla Model S, And All I Can Say Is This: WOW!

Educate Our Youth

– Vulcan Post: What Would You Do If You Could Choose Again?

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