Daily SG: 16 Mar 2016

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Indiscretions @ Bukit Batok

– Mothership.sg: How about Murali Pillai, 47, as PAP’s candidate for Bukit Batok SMC by-election?
– The Online Citizen: Opposition parties deliberate contesting in Bukit Batok by-election
– Singapore Alternatives : The means and the ends – Bukit Batok By-Elections
– The Online Citizen: PAP is poised for first by-election win in a SMC since 1979
– Musings From the Lion City: By-Election in Bukit Batok

The Heart Truths Of Libel Suits

– The Heart Truths: [Update Three 150316] Funds Raised for Payment for Defamation Suit
– Balderdash: Comments about Roy Ngerng Defamation Verdict


– The Online Citizen: The limitations of Fresh Start

A Vote for Change

– Banalysis: My Thoughts on Reviewing the Elected Presidency

Daily Disclosure

– Five Stars and a Moon: With poor GDP, youths are first to Suffer
– Dollars and Sense: Why Singaporeans Should Not Rejoice Over The Telco Price War
– likedatosocanmeh: 20160312 How CPF members were shortchanged from 1989 to 1997
– Money Smart Blog: Why Isn’t LTA Making It Easier to Drive an Electric Car in Singapore?
– Vulcan Post: Income Received Via Blogging, Instagram And YouTube Now Taxable In Singapore
– DKSG: IRAS going to start taxing bloggers and online influencers
– Mothership.sg: Local graphic novel, who got its NAC grant revoked, is featured in The Economist
– Faerie Tales: SingaPlural 2016

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