Daily SG: 17 Mar 2016

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Internal Security Act

– The Middle Ground: A Chinese name among the ISA detainees?
– Mothership.sg: Differences and similarities between today’s ISA arrests and the ones in January
– Five Stars and a Moon: 23 yr old failed business, decides to fight ISIS

Indiscretions @ Bukit Batok

– My Singapore News: Fake moral superiority or moral righteousness

The Gospel of Harry

– If Only Singaporeans Stopped to Think: Founders’ Memorial: Fort Canning Park and Gardens by the Bay’s Bay East Garden identified as potential sites
– Singapore Alternatives: PAP’s Most Disrespectful Rule to “He Who Cannot Be Named”

The Heart Truths Of Libel Suits

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor : Why PAP (and PMs) sue and sue

Singles Village SMC

– ST Forum Page: Build ‘singles village’ to help young people get hitched
– crazyrandomchatter: Concentrate! And we shall enjoy the fruits of your labour (of love)!
– New Nation: Umarried people in S’pore must move into a village so they can get married, make love

Daily Disclosure

– The Online Citizen: Dr Ang Swee Chai, a self-imposed exile, faces issue with ICA over dual citizenship
– The Claudia Post: You Get Paid, Now Its Time To Pay
– crazyrandomchatter: You are not to play chess here!
– RunEatGossip: The Young and Suicidal
– The Middle Ground: Reading into reading

A Vote for Change

– The Online Citizen: GRC & NCMP – Not such a flaw after all

Foreigners In Our Midst

– TWC2: TWC2 hosts nearly 200 students in a single week in March

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