Daily SG: 23 Mar 2016

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The World’s Most Expensive City

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: S’pore expensive only for expats

Singapore Arts Scene

– The Smart Local: 10 Reasons Why Singaporeans Think Our Arts Scene Is Dead And Why They Are Wrong

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– the singapore beacon: Malaysian Muslim Religious Fanatic Banned From Entering Singapore : Oh Joy!
– The Middle Ground: Bukit Batok BE: An electoral race that will shed light on race

The Elected Presidency

– Singapore Alternatives: PPP Submitted Views on Elected Presidency

Foreigners In Our Midst

– Singapore Policy Journal: Are Singaporeans Xenophobic?

The Gospel of Harry

– The Middle Ground: Even if LKY IS a cult figure…
– Spuddings: The veneration of Lee Kuan Yew helps no one
– Iron Bowl: SG100 is about LKY?
– The Online Citizen: Papier-mache caricature of a Hero

A Vote For Change

– Mothership.sg: 5 observations of how the PAP will tackle the “Chee by-election” in Bukit Batok
– crazyrandomchatter: For the greater good, Dr Chee should lose the Bukit Batok by-election
– Dewdrop Notes: The Battle For Bukit Batok
– Yahoo! SG: Bukit Batok by-election is not about Indian vs Chinese: Chee Soon Juan
– My Singapore News: Bukit Batok – The opposition politicians are so decent

The Heart Truths of Libel Suits

– The Heart Truths: [Update Nine 220316] Funds Raised for Payment for Defamation Suit
– Andrew Loh: Roy gets sacked, SGH staff get “staff confidentiality”, and S’poreans get double-standards

Uniquely Singapore

– petulantchild: Grabbing a sight of the cherry blossom!

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