Daily SG: 28 Mar 2016

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Death by SMRT

– The Middle Ground: In the SMRT war room – again
– Zit Seng’s Blog: Ownself Protecting Ownself
– My Singapore News: SMRT accident – So difficult to state the facts?
– S M Ong: SMRT was once sued for negligence by widow of worker killed by train

Indiscretions @ Bukit Batok

– My Singapore News: The secret formula for more by elections 美人计

Educate Our Youth

– crazyrandomchatter: Teacher who complained about his poor performance bonus got what he deserved

Budget 2016

– The Middle Ground: Is this year’s Budget “particularly prudent”?
– Vulcan Post: Singapore Startps – Here’s Everything That’s Relevant To You From #SGBudget2016
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Ong Teng Cheong & the Budget
– The Middle Ground: Kopi with Bertha: Budgeting with a big and small “b”
– The Online Citizen: Budget 2016: Greater dependence on the reserves
– Living Investment: Singapore economic growth is dependent on Exports
– Dollars and Sense: Why Budget 2016 Means Nothing To Us
– Five Stars and a Moon: Budget 2016: What Did The Sandwich Class Get?

The Gospel Of Harry

– Lee Wei Ling: Lee Kuan Yew would have cringed at the hero worship just one year after his death
– Mothership.sg: 10 heartwarming photos of people in S’pore making the late Lee Kuan Yew cringe
– Five Stars and a Moon: Is This Career Suicide?
– Andrew Loh: Who is this Lee Kuan Yew that I do not know?
– Everything Also Complain: LKY hero worship is cringeworthy

Daily Disclosure

– Yawning Bread: Little red dot must learn to capture infrared
– Rise of the Strawberry Nation: The Gangsta MP #ThugLife

A Vote For Change

– Tan Kin Lian: Chee Soon Juan might win Bukit Batok
– Singapore General Elections 2016: This is SDP’s Chee Soon Juan …. Bukit Batok By-Election

The Heart Truths of Libel Suits

– The Heart Truths: Some Thoughts on 20 Deaths and the Imprisonment of a Pregnant Lady…

Uniquely Singapore

– Ghetto Singapore: Faces of Commonwealth and Holland Village
– The Lion Raw: The uncommon side of Commonwealth and Holland Village

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