Daily SG: 7 Apr 2016

Credit: Evacomics

Panama Papers

– Musings from the Lion City: Casaulty
– My Singapore News: The Panama Papers prove Americans are angels

Budget 2016

– The Middle Ground: 4 groups of people that Budget 2016 forgot about

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Five Stars and a Moon: Unemployment insurance…do you really think it will work?

Hep C Outbreak

– Life of Singaporeans: Gan didn’t read PM’s 5 principles?
– likedatosocanmeh: Minister Gan should not have downplayed Hepatitis C incident in Parliament with half-baked replies

Singapore Arts Scene

– The Online Citizen: Where is Art in the future of Singapore and why is it important?

Defending Our Lion City

– Mothership.sg: Woman gives super positive testimonial about 2-week SAF Volunteer Corps experience

Lee Wei Ling vs SPH

– Alvinology: Why we should support Dr Lee Wei Ling
– 2ECONDSIGHT: SG Press Freedom of Speech: 3 Sides To The Story

Daily Disclosure

– Leong Sze Hian: Which constituency has highest no. of “not upgraded” flats?
– The Smart Local: 10 Amusing Ways Singaporeans Were Eco-Friendly Without Even Trying
– crazyrandomchatter: Path to SG100: change mindset, be dissatisfied, love
– Working With Grace: Which Professions Have The Highest Divorce Rate?

Uniquely Singapore

– Money Smart Blog: 4 Ways to Feel Like a Tourist Without Leaving Singapore

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